Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Postcrossing Cards 27-33

I've rounded up the postcards I've received lately and have decided that I'm getting a hang of postcrossing. I love sending and recieving cards and I know I'm learning a lot from the postcards I recieve from all over as well as the research I do when I want to learn more about a place from the postcard. This time I recieved cards from Germany, England, (2) Russia, Croatia, Belarus, and Brazil.

1. Stralsun, Germany // This is the new bridge that leads to the island, Rugen. In the background of the postcard is the "yard" where many ships are built.

2. London, England // This Bon Bon postcard is fabulous. I looked into Bon Bon, the character designed by Noel Tolentino and discovered her artwork cute and very mod.

3. Brest, Belarus // I love the reflection of the bridge here in the river.

4. Bibinje, Croatia // Bibinje is a small town in Croatia great for vacations and is where the sender would travel from Zagreb, Croatia for summer holidays when they were young.

5. Tsarsjoye Selo, Russia // The Catherine Palace was the Rococo summer home for the Russian tzars created by architect Bartolomeo Francesco Rasterelli in 1756.

6. Curitiba, Brasil // The Jardim Botanico de Curitiba or Botanical Garden as it is known in English is a  public garden built in 1991 in the Art Noveau style. The statue in the front is Mae, or "mother."

7. Maxim, Russia // This is Gorky's Flat Museum, which the sender says she was very hot, but had read a lot from Nizhny Novgorod formerly known as Gorky. She even mentioned she went to "Nashestifie" a rock festival in Russia.

Happy Postcrossing!


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