Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Abroad Packing

This past week I was a little absent from the blog, but for good reason. I was jam packing adventures with everyone right before heading off to Ireland. This included some fantastic family dinners of sushi, crabs, and fondue. As well as day trips to St. Michaels, Great Falls, and a story worthy camping trip in the swamp of Chincoteague. It was a fabulous week and I will miss all these people terribly (even the ones who weren't there to spend the week with,) but now I'm ready to share my journey in Ireland with all of you. Starting with the difficult packing process.

I did a whole lot of research in order to pack for this trip and was able to piece together some of my own abroad packing rules.

Stick with the basics // Leave home trends since they're silly and go out of style quick. Be practical and stick with dark solid colors that can go with just about any outfit.

Layer // Using the versatile basics, layer your tank tops with v-necks, cardigans, and jackets or sweaters. That way you're able to adapt to the weather around you, which if it's Ireland is usually pretty cold and rainy.

Cut it in half
 // There's no way you can fit in everything you own and you don't need it all. I had to tell myself this a lot in my planning process. You're allowed to re-wear outfits and if you don't want to re-wear you can always be creative with what you have. Just don't cut down your underwear. No one ever complains about having to many undies.

Accessorize // Switch up looks abroad with just scarves, jewelry, or belts. Since you're not bringing you're entire closet you'll have to play the "create a new outfit" game as much as you can and accessories are just the way to do it.

Leave space // Anticipate travel and with it shopping and souvenirs, so leave room to bring back those kitchy salt and pepper shakers your friend wanted you to bring back

Toiletries // Here's a great place to cut out weight. If you can buy it abroad do so and forget the weight because lots of airlines will charge you for heavier bags. Though, if you like your high end make-up you may have a hard time finding it, so bring your MAC eyeshadows.

Carry-on // Put the things you may think you'd carry away in your carry-on suitcase. I was able to fit my camera bag in there and some people might even be able to stow a backpack as well. Don't forget to pack a pair of clothes and one book (don't go over that) or a kindle.

Have fun packing whether it's for vacation, study abroad, or going back to college!



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    1. I'd also like to note that you were a big help in the packing process.