Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let's Fly Away

Flying across the atlantic for +14 hours with long periods of waiting between flights has left me with slight jet lag (I tried not sleeping for the first day I got back to remedy this) and a need to share my flying basics. I'm glad I dressed comfy for the flight and even more happy I brought a water bottle and scarf.

Light Pullover // Planes can get cold all the way up in the air so dress like you're going to live in them. Having a light sweater is preferable so you don't sweat to death.

Scarf // Ridiculous flight pillows are a thing in the past. Next time you fly just bring a big comfy loop scarf that will provide all the neck comfort you need, will keep you warm, and can certainly be used as a pillow.

Yoga Pants // Travel in your comfy clothes. Jeans will be a little uncomfortable for long flights and pajamas are just too casual. Yoga pants are the best option since all you do is look like you're running an airport.

Flats // Flats and moccasins are great, just about anything you can slip on and off easily is well suited for going past airport security.

Warm Socks // For when you're flats are off make sure you're feet aren't touching the ground at all. These warm socks will be great once it gets cold too.

Headband // Keep your hair up and pulled back when navigating through airport terminals.

Magazines // I seriously found a giant magazine and was able to go through it from BWI to London. Magazines are perfect since they can be tossed right after the flight and you'll have more space. You can't quite do that with books. But, hey I guess that's what people use Kindles for.

Water Bottle // Here's a great tip, next time you're traveling just bring an empty water bottle with you. Then as soon as you get past security fill it up with water. Money saving is beautiful.

Snacks // Airport food is awful and airport quick marts are ripoffs. Bring your own travel snacks to munch on.

Got any other in-flight tips?


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  1. I bring earplugs and an eye mask so I can sleep better on the plane!