Thursday, August 16, 2012

Silopana Music Festival


My Dad's been a big fan of G Love & Special Sauce for a long time, I mean he's always singing around the house "stick it in the fridge! stick it in the fridge!" So when we heard that he would be playing in Annapolis along with Citizen Cope and Cake we rushed out and got tickets and headed to  Silopana Music Festival with my whole family.  Of course, I don't think I knew that going to a concert with my parents, brother, cousin, his fiance, and her mother would be as crazy as it was.

Gourmet DC food trucks were parked all around the place serving some pretty awesome food. I wound up heading to The Big Cheese and got a Mt. Fuji, a grilled cheese sandwich made of brie, fuji apples, honey, and multigrain bread. Best. Grilled cheese. Ever.

There was reggae-rock music playing all throughout the day and my dad was loving it. Seriously this guy was in his element, drinking with his family and walking up to random people and messing with them. Dad probably made the festival, that or the thunderstorm.

Yeah, right at the end of G Love & Special Sauce, lighting erupted in the sky and there was an evacuation from the fairgrounds as we made a B-line for the car. That's when the rain fell in buckets and I was covered in more mud than I knew what to do with. We drove Mom home and returned just in time for Citizen Cope in the rain. 

Can I just say there is nothing better than being pelted with rain and dancing around in a crowd with your family to some amazing music. Gosh it was perfect. Then Cake came and well he was just as mind-blowing as he was two weeks prior at the Firefly Music Festival, but just right in front of me.

Honestly, it was probably one of the best nights spent with my family and I love all of them tons.


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