Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jameson Distillery

One of the great things about this past week was that Gerred flew out here to Cork to visit. He decided to visit me for my first week of classes because as soon as he gets back he's moving away for Flight School. And I'm so glad he did because we got to see a lot of Ireland that I had never seen before.

We started off by checking out Cork City on the first day, then by day two we decided to pay a visit to the Jameson Experience in Middleton, Cork. Where we took a tour around the Jameson distillery and got to learn all about the process of how Jameson is made.

These are barrels that show what color they are in the ageing process of the Whiskey. Starting from the left, the whiskey is clear since this is as soon as it is distilled. Continuing down the line is the 3 year, 4 year, 12 year, and the 18 year. The reason for the lesser amounts in the older barrels is due to the condensation and evaporation, which is known as "The Angels Share."

Here is why I loved the tour so much, Gerred and I were selected to be taste testers. We were pulled from the group and sat down at a table where there was 3 shots of different whiskeys, one from America (Jack Daniels,) one from Scotland (Johnny Walker,) and the last being a 4 year Jameson. We sampled them all and found that there was definitely a difference in taste since Jameson distills theirs three times, Scotch is twice, and Jack Daniels is only once.

After that we were given certificates for being taste testers signed by the Master Distiller as well as the complimentary free whiskey that comes with the tour, which I had mixed with ginger ale.

I definitely recommend paying Jameson a visit if you ever find yourself in either Cork or Dublin, Ireland, because the tour is interesting and, hey, free whiskey!


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