Saturday, May 19, 2012

DIY Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

With Katie's big day is coming up so Katie, Andrea, and I got together for another day full of wedding DIY. Back in March we decided to make our own shirts for the Maury Show Bachelorette Party and they turned out so well that we became fans of the day and got to meet Maury. So DIY is working for us and this time we worked on making a tissue paper flower bouquet for the wedding.

Tissue Paper
Flower Tape

1. Cut three sheets of tissue paper (hot dog so that they are long.) Layer on top of one another.
 2. Fan fold them.
3. Wrap Wire around the middle and twist around the bottom.
4. Cut pointy or round edges for the side.
5. Fan the edges out and pull up each layer one at a time towards the center.

Once all the layers have been fluffed out, it should start to look like a flower. They look really weird until the very end.

We made some blue and yellow ones for the bridesmaid bouquets, and then Andrea wrapped the flower tape and ribbon along the wire stems. These look adorable and allergy free!

Can't wait to pose with these in pictures for the wedding!


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