Thursday, May 10, 2012

Postcrossing Cards 7-11

With the end of semester, I've gone from writing final papers and taking exams to packing up all my belongings. One of the last things I've had to do before booking it for the summer is , and a whole lot of checking my mailbox for the last time and changing my address for packages and postcards that are sent to me. Here are some of the postcrossing postcards I've received towards the end of this semester.

The Netherlands
These little clogs are adorable!

Ulm, Germany
I feel a little bit smarter just by looking at the German postcard. Ulm is known for it's cathedral which is known as the highest church tower in the world at 161m. It's also the native city of Albert Einstein.

The postcard read "Hello/gruzzi Shannon, I love this picture of the "lonely" penguin with its funny walk during country life."

The North of France
By this point you all must be aware that I am fluent in French so I was pleased to receive a postcard in French from a real French person. Ah, and can I just say that this post card is breath taking. Honestly she's a woman waiting for a train and there's a wonderful pink tint over it. The composition is to die for and I'm digging all the lines. And did I mention it was all in French?

Kazan, Russia
I honestly love the description on the back of this the most, "Kazan is majesty and luxury touched by olden times." Nothing is more majestic than Kazan.

Look how many different countries I have received postcards from! Postcrossing has definitely been the "it" thing in my mailbox this year. I absolutely love it and will continue to do Postcrossing over the summer and while I'm away in Ireland.

Happy Postcrossing!


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  1. Hello Shannon,
    I'm Aline, the real French person !
    As you mentionned your blog address in the postcrossing site, i often come here to visit and read... maybe you have already noticed that in the stats of your blog !
    Feel free to write to me if you want to discuss in french ! I could improve my english at the same time ! I've also have two blogs, one about my "job" as a mother and the other about my hobbies.
    See you !