Friday, May 11, 2012

Dorm Room

It's weird to finally be moving out of my dorm and back home. I've had a lot of memories this year and can proudly say that I have had a significantly better Sophomore Year experience. I also got along really well with my But I'm seriously going to miss my awesome single that I completely decked out with so much color.

Having the little lanterns above my bed was perfect. It was like there were little fairies above me whenever I was reading. The quote on the wall is from Albert Camus "In the midst of winter, I found within me, there was an invincible summer." I cut the letters out myself and love waking up and reading it.

Here's one of my favorite things about my room, the string of pictures, postcards, and telegrams all along my walls. Then there's my futon which is probably the best thing you can have in your dorm if you're an RA. Since residents always came in and just sat on the couch if they had issues and well it's also the best place to study in my opinion.

And here's my vanity closet. I'd like to say that when I was in a Minta double last year my room was the same size and this thing had to be split between two people. It's impossible, but for just me, well I loved the closet space.

I'll miss this room, but I'm excited to go home.


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  1. Your room is so cute!! I'm mostly done cleaning mine out now, and it just looks so sad.