Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer Jobs

I made a bulletin board for my hall of How to Apply to Summer Jobs. I printed off a power point of information from reslife.net that had a few bits of information on the more cool "travel oriented" jobs out there. Then I added a few quick watercolor paintings to keep it fresh and highlighted the important information for my residents...so they'd actually read it.

The board talks about what kinds of jobs are out there and how to as well as how not to show up to a job interview. But I think there are a few more tips out there for all the job seekers.

1. Apply to more than 10 jobs because chances are only one place will call you back.
2. Dress nice when you do the round up of potential jobs and carry around resumes neatly in a folder as well as a pen to fill out resumes on the go.
3. Apply to everything you can on usajobs.gov if you're looking for good internship.
4. Meet with the career center at your school and they can help you out.
5. Tailor your resume to each job. Internship resumes should include more scholarly work, while retail jobs should include skills of customer service and organization.

And above all else, remember that what you have out there on facebook is seen by potential employers. So when you're looking for these jobs think about taking down those drunk college photos of yourself.

I'm still waiting on what I'll be doing this summer. Best of luck to you all. I'd love to know what your summer plans are.


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