Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

May day! May day! May is finally here, and like any good group of young scholars, Washington College celebrates this pagan holiday the right way by upholding traditions. Strong traditions like downing bottles of whisky, stripping down to absolutely nothing, and running laps around the flagpole. Yeah, that's right the one thing that Washington College is known for is the annual late night naked run. 

May day started out as a nice little get together on the green with a professor in the 70's that involved wine and poetry. However, as this tradition was passed down there was a greater emphasis on the wine and the poetry got a little more intense as students started to grasp onto the fact that the pagans used to dance naked around maypoles.

This year I watched out for a few friends that had run out on the green. See, people are known for stealing others clothes as a prank. That's one of the many reasons why I will never participate in Mayday. I still can't believe the number of people out there, it's almost as weird as the day when I went to Blarney castle and there were 100 nudists (it was for a photograph.) .The spectacle was great, since some guy was playing bongos and one guy had an American flag cape and people chanted "USA!"

You got to love tradition. Especially a naked tradition.


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  1. I enjoyed watching this with you in an entirely uncreepy way haha