Monday, May 7, 2012

Retired Shoes

It's a sad thing to say goodbye to a pair of shoes. Idealy I'd never like to retire any of my shoes, but sometimes when they're really loved they are worn a bit too much and it starts to show. In that case, it's time and in the case of these two shoes it's really time.

I think I've talked about how worn these rain boots are. They have a few holes in them and essentially are the opposite of what a rain boot should do. Aside from their non-waterproof-ness, I have now grown out of the bright color combo of pink, orange, and yellow and would like to move towards a solid neutral rain boot.

These are my all time favorite shoes. I love the silver color flecked with gold and the knots on top are adorable. But, they're about 3 years old now and have been through a lot and it has the wear and tear to proove it. I'll have to find some nice flat in the future to replace these.

Goodbye shoes, my your soles rest in piece.


P.S. I'm sorry...I just love puns.

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