Saturday, May 5, 2012

Derby Day

Today was the 138th Kentucky Derby! Now, I come from a family that absolutely loves the derby since my grandmother is actually from Louisville, Kentucky and did not live too far from Churchill Downs.

 Now while my family gets teary-eyed just from hearing My Old Kentucky Home, I on the other hand am not a big fan of horses. I'm not an equinaphobe, I just don't want to be close enough for them to bite or kick me. But, I make my exception for about two minutes when the derby is on to watch.


Because my family likes it and I love looking at the derby fashion. Honestly it's just croquet match dresses and hats multiplied. I still need to get me a nice floppy hat to wear to the beach.

I was however happy to see the joy of jockey, Mario Gutierrez when he came in first with I'll Have Another. For the record, I'll Have Another is possibly the best named horse for Cinqo de Mayo and may be one of the reasons why rider Mario Gutierrez came in first.


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