Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Mascara is probably one of the most difficult to use make-up items. It's clumpy, goopy, and stings when it gets in your eyes. I've had a battle with mascara for years now, where I didn't know how to apply it correctly or get the volume look from magazines. 

Then it occurred to me to do some research, and well hey, that meant actually using an eyelash curler. Ever since then I've had a better grasp on which mascaras work for me and which ones don't, and I'm here to impart some knowledge based on the five mascaras below based on quality and price.

Sephora brand anything is awful. It's difficult to come off, stings eyes like crazy, and is way too much of a liquid. Stay away at all costs.

When I first got this I was extremely excited to wear a non-drugstore mascara. I thought it was going to hold all the miracles to better lashes because of the beautiful swirls (which I adore.) However the wand was too thick and straight, that it just clumped my eyelashes together. Also, it's $25 and for mascara, something that should be changed up once every 2-3 months, well $25 is just not worth the price.

The same high end mascara quality for the price debacle happened with the MAC Opulash. The only thing was that I trust MAC since it is my favorite cosmetic brand. The wand is built a lot better than the Fresh Supernova, but it still did not provide the sort of movie star eye lash quality I wanted. For MAC products I'd say that it's safe to just stay clear of mascaras and eyeliners and go for the items that last longer like eyeshadows and foundation.

I'm using the Falsies currently since I liked the One By One so much and wanted to try more of the Maybeline brand out. I will say that even though this is a much better price than the high end make-ups and therefore ranks higher, the wand is akin to the quality of the Fresh Supernova and therefore is an annoyance.

Possibly this is perfection in a mascara tube. It's a great price $7 and goes on each individual eyelash easily with the shape of the wand. I once got the compliment that my eyelashes looked "fake" which definitely made my day.


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