Friday, May 25, 2012


In order to get a little more of the Maryland sightseeing in, Gerred, Gerome, and decided to take a trip to Baltimore, Maryland for the day.

We decided that instead of spending the day at the National Aquarium, we'd try to actually walk around the Inner Harbor and see all the interesting free sights.

Our first stop was the Civil War Museum which was small, but described in great detail the involvement of Maryland during the Civil War. Maryland turned out to be pretty involved since it was a border state near the nations capital.

Here we have the two brothers by the Polish Hero Monument. Neither of these guys are Polish though, but it looks impressive.

My favorite part of the day was when we saw the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse right by the pier pavilion. The lighthouse was built in 1856 and always had one lighthouse keeper living there that to made sure the lamp was lit for the sailors coming into Baltimore.

It's always great to take a change of pace and explore a different part of the city. Yes the aquarium is nice, but there is so much of Baltimore to see and most of it is free!


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