Monday, April 30, 2012

Croquet Match 2012

This year my friends and I finally headed over to St. Johns for the annual croquet match between St. Johns and The Naval Academy. It's been an age old tradition (30 years to be exact) in which Navy boasted that they could beat the Johnnies in any sport. Well, the Johnnies picked croquet and had the Navy drink a ton (which the celebration is known for) and St. Johns has continually won. 

Here Gerred and I are dressed to the "southern croquet" nines. At the croquet match you're supposed to dress as if it were The Kentucky Derby, with Lilly Pulitzer dresses and big floppy hats. Now while I did not necessarily do that, I did manage to find myself a beautiful yellow Calvin Klein dress and Gerred a Ralph Lauren shirt for a really reasonable price at Marshalls. Also I love Gerred in his little seersucker bow tie!

Here we are with the best friends, Katie and Phoenix. We went for lunch at Joss's and then had icecream after. I got Strawberry Oreo which is just about the best flavor in the world. Oh and these two are getting married pretty soon and I couldn't be happier for them...since they look so stylish.

Oh and here's a group shot of us all (Rick, Sarah, and Lucy not included.) Drinking and silly prep fashion definitely included in here. I do want to say though that there were some extremely silly outfits walking around at the match. We saw a guy with a top hat, five men with jorts and suspenders, and what looked like the Beatles in their Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club outfits.

It was such a fun day even if we didn't even watch the croquet match.


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