Monday, April 23, 2012

April Birchbox

Guess what came in this week? The April Birchbox. The monthly gift to myself. I have to say this may just be my all time favorite box now. Yes, I think so.

 Because it was Earth Day (my birthday) themed with all the "green" products inside.

Gee, check how much "samples" I got. There is no perspective in this shot, but I will let you know that it is practically full size. I always like trying these exfoliators and moisturizers out. I was quite sold by the juice beauty cleanser (I use it every day)....and the Marine Cream and Ahava Moisturizer of before are always fun to swap around on occasion.

This is actually a beauty extra which is usually like a fun little addition. Normally they've been small extras that just make me smile for the added detail like the heart shaped nail file or a delicious Larabar. Except this time there is an actual product that will certainly come in use. Maybe I'll remember to take my make-up off more with these since it's made with apple, blueberry, and lemon peel extracts.

I don't think you guys know how much I use hair powder. I usually use Shower to Shower and it works well for next day hair or just greasy hair in general. But this smells so much better (hello, lavender and sage) and my hair has a ton more volume than it usually does.

Here's my second nail polish I've received from Birchbox. This color seems a lot more natural than the Color Club Jackie Oh! from last month's box. This would be great neutral to go along with a lime or mint green.

Now I love Taylor Swift, she's a great role model, gorgeous, and a wonderful singer. However, I'd really not like to associate this fragrance with her. Instead I'd say it smells like purple tylenol. It has this weird grape scent that's just off putting. But hey, perfume is different for everyone. My cousin Kara loves this scent. So to each their own.

Seriously though, check out all this great stuff I got. And it was only $10 a month with free shipping, if you want you're own or want to gift it to a friend you can sign up here.


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