Thursday, April 26, 2012

Apres La Guere

For Screenplay I was assigned to write and film my own movie. It certainly posed a challenge for me.But, stress aside I finished the movie and had a great time filming Apres La Guere. It's about a WWI soldier, Jean Marc Marin, who returns from battle back to his family in France. At first he has a hard time adjusting to society since he has shell shock (PTSD) and though he is trying to cope, his Sister-in-law believes the devil has possessed him.

Though, the exorcism scene is not seen in this sequence, the part that I did film involved a flashback to the Battle of Verdan. Honestly the trench scenes were really fun to film. Now kick back and watch this "drama," even though it could be taken as a comedy.

Thanks to everyone that was apart of filming!


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