Monday, April 9, 2012

River of Lights

Now that you've all seen a glimpse of Spring Break, why don't I show you some of Winter Break in New Mexico? I've been going to Lights on the Bay for years just to see all the beautiful lights in Winter. I didn't get a chance to go this year, but in Albuquerque I got the desert equivalent--River of Lights.

The River of Lights takes place in the Botanical Gardens of New Mexico's BioPark.  The park is full of hundreds of twinkling lights that are overwhelmingly beautiful. The best part is that instead of driving around in your car like in Lights on the Bay you get to walk around and see the lights for yourself.

New Mexico is famous for their chilis so they have these lights everywhere!

They even had lights inside the green houses so all the cacti was lit up.

They even had actual cacti lights with a little flower on top. Only in the desert...

Oh and this big guy, loved him. I actually climbed the fence just to be with this T-rex.

I got Gerred a video camera for Christmas and he was able to edit some of the videos he took over Winter Break.

Lights are so magical!


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