Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ecology of the Chesapeake Bay

One of the science classes they offer at Washington College is Ecology of the Chesapeake Bay. Since I've lived by the bay my whole life and have some interest in the subject I signed up. And honestly this has to be the most relevant and interesting science class ever. I mean today for lab we got to go out on a boat.

Professor Porter showed us some equipment she engineered for us to measure the bays depth, salinity, temperature, and dissolved oxygen content.

Pip and I measuring light intensity off the side of the boat. I also have to add that when we were capturing zooplankton in the net we kept quoting Titanic. It just had to happen.

This was the best part. We gathered some sediment from the bottom of the bay and got to sift through the mud. I actually found 2 clams in there, out of the total of 4 we dredged out.

It was a great lab and here we are with Professor Porter.


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