Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I really enjoyed this year's Easter since it was hosted at my house for one of the first times and everyone seemed happy. There were practically two Easter celebrations there that night, my Mom's side in the morning and then Aunt Sue and the kids came over at night. What I really loved is the fact that I have little cousins that can enjoy the egg hunt part of Easter.

Gerred and I hid eggs in the backyard in some tough spots and Jesse (4 yrs.) found all the eggs. The best part was that he kept saying "That sneaky Easter bunny!" whenever he was having a difficult time finding an egg.

Oh and Ilyssa, my baby cousin is just the most adorable baby. Here she is taking a nap with Grandpa after a long day of being held by everyone and doing flips in the air.

She was happy the entire day which qualifies as a pretty amazing baby if you ask me.

And here's an odd picture of Gerred and I.

Then some normal-er ones


Before we all went crazy.

Now my brother, Ryan, gets in the picture and we start doing some seriously weird photos.

Like this...

So this is just to say that getting the family together is a weird occasion.


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