Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Katy Perry

For my 20th Birthday Gerred took me to see Katy Perry at the Naval Academy. We went with a group of friends and were able to see her up close since we got floor tickets.

See how close I am!

 It was an extremely patriotic sexbomb performance. She dressed up as a sailor and had all these navy-esque moves that included a few salutes.

She even sang the Peacock song which was a really elaborate performance that included everyone on stage dancing with feathers.

But the biggest event of the night was when she called out to the audience searching for a midshipman to recreate the classic VJ day kiss with. She wound up choosing Tanner Beasley who dipped her and made a bit of Naval Academy history that's all over the web now.

Here's the video of her choosing her midshipman. It was crazy. I also met the guy who thought she had picked him and tried running down and he said her song "The One That Got Away" had new meaning.

All around fun night, fun concert and now I find myself listening to her songs like crazy.


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