Saturday, April 7, 2012

Submarine Cupcakes

Yesterday Sarah threw an awesome surprise laser tag party for her boyfriend Sean's 22nd Birthday and I helped her set up. We made submarine cubcakes, since Sean is commissioning for submarine warfare after graduation. Turns out making submarine cupcakes is actually a pretty difficult task.

I mean first you have to frost them with fancy turquoise blue frosting.

 For a million cupcakes!

I then cut a few Twinkies diagonally and then Sarah frosted those suckers.

I then cut some Hershey's chocolate bars diagonally to use as the mast.

Does it look like a submarine?

Here's the work station.

And the end result! Sarah's an awesome cupcake maker and Sean was definitely surprised.



  1. You both made it a very special birthday for Sean! The cupcakes are delish!

  2. ...My hands are still stained!