Monday, April 2, 2012

The Hunger Games Music

Friday night, I went with Gerred's squad to see the Hunger Games again. I'm normally not a twice in theaters kind of girl, but it really is such a good movie. The feel is just so perfect that I want to keep it for awhile longer, thus I've been listening to all sorts of Hunger Games music.

There's some really great songs on the soundtrack including great artists from Taylor Swift, Kid Cudi, The Civil Wars, to The Decemberists. My favorite song on there is Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars. All the music is honestly mind blowing. Seriously though I could listen to this soundtrack on a loop while studying or driving and be perfectly in my zone.

The Hanging Tree (Hunger Games Arrangement)
Aside from the official score and soundtrack of the film, there are some beautiful fan made songs out there. Like this version of the hanging tree from Mockingjay that is absolutely chilling.

May the songs be ever in your favor.


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