Friday, April 27, 2012

Postcrossing Cards 3-6

A whole slew of postcards came in this April. Half were from Gerred since he sent me one everyday during the week of my birthday and the rest were from Postcrossing. I loved receiving this months cards since they were very culturally diverse.

Vila Rica do Ouro Preto, Brazil
This postcard had so much historical and geographical information printed on the back. Vila Rica do Ouro Preto was a former colonial mining town in the mountains. The town is known for the baroque architecture where buildings are adorned in gold due to the Brazilian golden age in the 18th century.

Nowy Sacz, Poland
Cheery. The sun is cute and I like that there are a bunch of bubbles that show different party of this city in South Poland.

Ufa, Russia
The sender mentioned she liked to drink tea with milk and honey and eat pancakes. I have to say I also like this combination, but am partial to having my tea as an Arnold Palmer.

Fortaleza, Brazil
Apparently this bridge is really famous in Brazil and the sender is cool since he is majoring in English and French.

Moscow, Russia
Awhile back I sent a postcard to a lady in Russia and we decided to write letters to one another in French. I just think it's so neat that I can open up a letter from Russia written in French.

Moscow, Russia
She even sent me a post card to go along with the letter that read "C'est le parc ou mon fils aime se promener aves ses amis." Which means that her son hangs out with his friends in this Russian park.

I wrote back in French (with poor grammar.)

I sent back 4 postcards that described a little bit about Washington College's history. I mentioned that Washington College is the 7th oldest college in the nation and that it served as a hospital during the American Civil War. I also might have mentioned the Katy Perry concert in there as well.

This map shows all the postcards I've sent (8) and received (6.) Check it out, I now arc to China!

Happy Postcrossing!


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