Saturday, April 28, 2012

Broadway Shows I Want To See

One day I want to take a trip up to New York by bus or car. Then I want to do all the things I was never really allowed to do on field trips. I want to walk around and sight see, shop, dine, and even see a Broadway show. Here are just a few of the shows I'd love to see on the Broadway or Off Broadway stage.

Book of Mormon
This fairly new musical is as I've been told hilarious. Honestly, just the idea of two door to door guys going on an adventure and singing about it sounds like a laugh.

Lion King
Since this is already one of my favorite Disney movies, I'd definitely love to see it engineered with all the puppets and costumes.

Phantom of the Opera
It's classic and I'd love to see the difference between the play and the movie.

Where would I be without mentioning this musical. Wicked is the musical of broadway so it's certainly on my top list.

But yes, some day I will go out to New York and see a show.


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