Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Gifts

As promised I am sharing the gifts given for my 20th birthday here. And since I will be leaving for Ireland in August and will have to pack light, I received a few travel friendly gifts from my friends and family. 
Travel Items
1. Traveler's 3-Piece Hardsided Luggage - Katie got me amazing luggage that came like Russian nesting dolls and has the ability to roll in any direction.
2. Secret of Kells - Gerred got me this movie to watch on the flight to Ireland.
3. Amelie - Gerred also got me this movie and built us a fort to watch it in. Perfect.
4. Vera Bradley Wristlet - My parents got me this wristlet since I use mine everyday and it was beginning to tear at the bottom.

Lilly Pulitzer Gifts from the Grandparents
1. Tumblr - Since I don't really drink coffee this is perfect for iced tea and smoothies during the summer.
2. Picture Frame - The chum bucket print will be great for a best friend photo from the Jersey Shore Party.
3. Koozie - I don't drink beer, but I can always put bottled water or soda in this.
4. Ink Pen - Such a fancy pen.
5. Insulated Cooler - Perfect for picnics or beach trips and comes with a wine/beer opener.

MAC products from the Parents
1-3. Eye shadow in Steamy, Nylon, and Green Smoke
4. Technakohl liner - Black
5. Brush Cleanser - To clean all my brushes.
6. Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation This foundation is perfect since it's practically see through but covers the red in my face.
7. 190 Foundation brush - Easy application
8. 217 Blending brush - I finally have a blending brush.
9. 239 Eye Shader Brush - So useful.
10. Powder Blush - I've been afraid to use blush, but this gives me definition.
11. Paints - Great primer.

Needless to say it was an excellent birthday, thanks to everyone who made this day special!


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