Friday, April 20, 2012

Weird Races

I'm sort of trying to get into the whole fitness thing again. It's a little hard right now with the last few weeks of classes, but as soon as Summer hits I hope to kick it into high gear. The first thing I'll be doing is working on running around my block. Then from there I'll try to run some 5Ks with my friends and try to stay as motivated as I can. As I've been researching races two really stuck out with me, The Color Run as well as The Run For Your Lives: 5K Obstacle Couse Zombie Race.

This crazy and creative race is just like the Indian festival, Holi, where everyone throws powdered colors at one another in the street to celebrate the day. Basically for 3.1 miles, runners wearing all white are pelted with multiple colors on their way to the finish line.

In this post-apocalyptic 5K runners have to race for their lives while dodging zombies, 12 different man-made obstacles, and choosing their own trails. This race seems like there is a lot of strategy involved.

Since I'll be in Ireland for both of these two races I'll be missing out. But I hope by passing these along one of you will try to run these and have fun. Till next year then!


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