Monday, April 15, 2013

Pack for Ireland

Since I've arrived back in Ireland I've really gotten involved with the international clubs at Washington College. I've joined cultural ambassadors, a peer mentoring group between Americans and international students. I've also reached out to students who want to study abroad and have shared my experiences and the trials and lessons I've learned through my time abroad. These have helped the prospective study abroad students I've talked to and I thought, why not share these helpful bits of information with everyone on here. My first topic of interest is what to pack for a semester abroad in Ireland.

Before I left for Ireland I made a manifesto on abroad packing rules that urged to stick with the basics, think of layers, cut out half of what it is you intend to bring, leave space, and use the carry on effectively. What I plan on doing now is giving you all a practical packing list customized entirely for a semester in Ireland.

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If you're studying abroad in Ireland or any place similar in climate like England feel free to print this out and use this as a guide while packing. If you have any other suggestions of what to pack leave them in the comment. Stay tuned for more tips for studying abroad and navigating in Ireland.
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