Friday, April 5, 2013

{Guest Post} How to Look Like an Adult in 5 Easy Steps

Guys, I'm excited to finally announce that my best friend Katie now has her very own blog. It's titled Tips from the Mrs and is all about tips on cooking, cleaning, life, and all the other things she's learning as she fills the shoes of a Navy wife and figures out what adult life is like.

I helped design her a header because I recently updated mine and I thought she needed a nice one to get started with. She in turn has decided to guest blog for me. Yes, this is my first guest post on here. And I'm very excited that it's Katie.

How to Look Like an Adult in 5 Easy Steps

Okay, so for those who think “Shannon? What is this? I want birchbox reviews and college life and Ireland. This doesn’t make any sense.” Well, that’s because this isn’t Shannon. I’m her best friend Katie (I’ve been featured in the blog before) and I’m guest blogging for her.

A little more background about me; I’m 20, married, living in Pensacola, and trying desperately to prove to the world that I can be a grown-up. Navy wives tend to have grown up in the military, but my dad left the Navy before he even met my mom, so the moving, military acronyms, and general lack of knowledge for the future that comes with marrying a military man is all really foreign to me. I’m figuring it out slowly but surely, and I’ve learned a few things on the way.

One of the things I’ve learned is that dressing like a real adult is pretty easy once you know the general guidelines. You probably already own all of the components already and it doesn’t take much time to give yourself a little spit-and-polish. Keep in mind, these are all generalizations and if you can rock beach bum hair with a blazer, I applaud you. Most of us can’t. Also, accessorize all you want. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings are all lovely little accents that show your personality.

Step 1: Brush your hair
This seems obvious, but the truth is that when you want to present yourself as polished and classic, you can’t do messy waves, messy buns, or a top knot. I’m not saying you need pin straight hair or a chignon. Just make sure that there aren’t any big bumps in your ponytail, a cowlick you haven’t tamed, or a knot in the back of your hair. I think a polished ponytail, a sock bun, or just wearing your hair free look lovely. Use a little shine serum and some hairspray. Think Charlotte York in Sex and the City for classically lovely, or Kim Kardashian for a sexier look.

Step 2: Do a classic, neutral face
No glimmer, glitter, or smoky eyes here. We’re going for a touch-of-makeup, I-wake-up-looking-glamorous face. There are tons of these on youtube, but I’m going to give you a general guide here. Use concealer on any blemishes, set with a semi-opaque powder, and add a nice rosy blush. I don’t contour, but if you do, that’s fine, just make sure it look natural. For eyes, I do 3 MAC eyeshadows. Orb for lid, Wedge for my crease, and Mylar on my brow bone. Curl your eyelashes, apply a thin line of black or brown eyeliner, and finish with mascara. Groom your brows if needed. I don’t do anything but fill them in a bit with powder, but do your thing. For lips, I like a nice pink, like MAC Speedial creamesheen.


Step 3: Put on a nice clean tank top, a cardigan of your choice, a pair of dark, fitted jeans, and some flats
It’s that easy. You can put your own style in with a fun tee shirt, patterns, sequins, animal print, even neon, so long as it’s all clean and fits well. Even a white tee and colored skinnys paired with a pair of black flats looks polished. I’m not a fan of sneakers, but I die over a pair of riding boots over skinny jeans. Keep a black blazer in your car to throw over anything in case of emergency. Actually, if we’re talking emergency kits, I’d keep a pair of black pumps, a clean white tee, a pair of jeans, a sequin clutch, and the blazer in your car. Instantly day-to-night any outfit, plus you won’t ever have to walk around covered in coffee ever again. Don’t even think about wearing a shirt with writing on it or a hoodie.
Step 4: Get your hands on a quality handbag
I’m not suggesting you blow your life savings on an Hermes Birkin bag (although I’d own one in every color if I had my way), you just need a medium-sized, structured shoulder bag in black. Once you own this, get it again in something fabulous, like hot pink. Kate Spade makes amazing ones, but you could also go super-French and get a Longchamp. These bags aren’t cheap, so try consignment stores, ebay, and the Goodwill in high-income neighborhoods. Lately Target has also been making gorgeous bags for cheap, so use one from there while you save up for your investment piece. Yes, this handbag is an investment. No matter how much your body changes, your handbag will always look fantastic on you. We’re not in middle school anymore, so throw out your backpack. A cross-body messenger bag or satchel will do just fine. If it’s good enough for Indiana Jones, it’s good enough for you.
Step 5: Wear a watch
Seriously, pulling out your cell phone to see what time it is doesn’t look professional or adult. You need a medium-sized, metal, ANALOG watch. Suck it up and learn to tell time. No need to break out a Rolex here, but a nice watch from Fossil or somewhere will really step up your game. I like a stainless steel watch with a white face and no bling, but you could go with whatever you please. Again, get yourself to Target for your basic pieces if you’re on a budget. Don’t get a really small watch, because those are for old ladies. If it could pass as a bracelet, go bigger.
There it is. Your go anywhere, weirdly detailed guide on how to go from collegiate to classic. It’s casual chic taken to a whole new level of wearable. I hope you liked my guest blogging, and maybe I’ll be back soon on here or on my own blog. Anyone’s guess at this point. 

For more helpful life tips and hacks according to Katie visit Tips from the Mrs.
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  1. This is a great post. Thanks for your tips, Katie! I need to learn how to look like an adult since I'll be graduating in December.

  2. Where does the "pearls memo" fit in here?