Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Instagram Recap {Week 15}

I'm linking up with Sara of Pearls and Curls to show you all how the last two weeks have been.

Presents from Gerred | During the weekend boxes appeared on my doorstep from Gerred. I'm still opening them, but I have to say my fiance is wonderful and knows me pretty well. 

Thrifted Clothes | Check out these threads. The skirt I'm wearing was only $7 at my favorite thrift shop in Severna Park.

New Camera | I cannot begin to tell yow excited I am about my Canon Rebel T3i. There's a world of difference between my old Rebel XS and this. I can see it in the picture quality and everything. I got to take some pictures of my grandpa this weekend and enjoyed seeing the quality of pictures it produced.

Kacie's 21st Birthday | I took Sam around Annapolis last weekend and we ended our exploration of the city at the Boatyard Bar and Grill for my cousins 21st birthday.

Upcoming Birthday | My Dad's been mixing drinks preparing me for my birthday on Monday (which I won't be celebrating until next weekend because who goes out on a Monday?)

Quelf | We had the Cultural Ambassador Picnic last Friday and there was a great turnout. So naturally we played Quelf, but I recommend playing Quelf with only a few people so it'll go faster.

Letters | I sent out letters to Rebecca, Bailey, and Gerred this week. I even included a doodle of a giraffe in a canoe for Gerred.

How'd your week go?
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  1. Thanks so much for linking up! Congrats on the new camera!!

  2. Receiving my letter was the perfect sunshine on a dreary day! Thank you Shannon :)

  3. I'm so excited that you got your new camera! I just got mine as well, (which I think I may have said before in a comment?), so I guess now we can be camera twins! Ha! But already I'm noticing a difference in the photos I'm taken, and I'm sure as I understand the camera more they will continue to get better.