Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Instagram Recap {Week 13}

I'm linking up this Saturday again with Sara of Pearls and Curls to share with you how the past two weeks have gone pictorially. I was able to clump two weeks together mainly because I've been very busy with school work lately.

Hanging Birchbox | I got the idea to hang a Birchbox on my wall and display a few of my nail polishes that I plan to use this month. I'm glad I found a use for these boxes and I'm certainly looking to make more things out of them in the future.

Easter | This year's Easter went really well. My little cousin Jesse was convinced the Leprechaun's had hidden the eggs and kept asking me about magic as he looked for the eggs. Also, Tom and Megan were posing for a photo and Ryan photo bombed them perfectly.

Chicken Feet Bowl | In my Creative Process class there's this woman who is making paper out of sheep poop. It's all a bit odd and she's been adding deer fur and egg shells to the mixture every week or so. This past week she brought in a bowl made out of the sheep poop and added some chicken feet for the base. She claimed she was going to use it as an Easter decoration for when her family came over.

Thesis Proposal | This had me stressed out for awhile, but I've finally come up with my topic and submitted my 11 page thesis proposal. It's all on how W.B.Yeats uses the three heroic figures, Cuchulainn, Fergus, and Medb, of the Ulster Cycle in Irish mythology in his poetry to revisit Ireland's cultural past during the Irish Literary Revival. I'm looking at 6 different poems "The Rose," "Fergus and the Druids,""Cuchulain's Fight with the Sea," "Who Goes with Fergus?" "The Old Age of Queen Maeve," and "Cuchulain Comforted" to show how each hero is alludes to a different take on the rise of nationalism before Easter Rising 1916. I haven't even really begun to do the research yet, but I know I need to complete my entire thesis over the summer which may change some of my summer plans.

Lipstick in a Shell | One student in my Creative Process class is doing something (I'm still not sure what yet) with shells. He handed everyone in the class an empty shell and wanted us to fill it and give it back to him. I filled mine with lipstick because I was thinking of how cool Kissing Kate's lipstick was from Holes.

Studying | That's all I've been doing and that's normal since I am in college. I'm not complaining about the work. I'm just really trying to manage my time effectively and get as much done as possible. This weekend is looking like paper writing and project making party.

Cara Box | I sent out my Cara Box to Nicole of Adventures of a Semper Fi Family and you can see here how she liked the box.

Spring Fling | Every year Washington College throws a spring fling full of games and inflatable madness on the green during advising day. This year was sort of a dud, but there was a chicken wing eating contest that grossed me out and a professor who kissed a piglet.

Art | Other than paper writing, I've been photographing, filming, and painting for Creative Process as well as for the King Lear production. It's been fun but also very draining. I may need to share what I've made once I'm done.

What's your life looking like lately?
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