Friday, April 12, 2013

The Gulf

Gerred and I love discovering new places to eat, so when I visited him for Spring Break we made sure to try out a few different restaurants around Pensacola, FL. We ate at both Wine World Bar in Downtown Pensacola and Flouder's at Pensacola Beach. But when it came time to our date night we made sure to drive out to Orange Beach, Alabama and eat at the #1 restaurant in the area, The Gulf.

This restaurant is ranked #1 in Orange Beach for a reason, it's just so innovative. The owner wanted to build a restaurant by the beach, but for zoning reasons could not have a "building" there so instead he moved out some storage crates, some couches, picnic tables, and chairs and set up a hip restaurant right on the water. The decor is beautiful and the food is incredibly healthy and delicious.

We ordered the Mahi Sandwich and Red Snapper Ceviche and even split the Homemade Hummus with chips. Sometimes when I'm really hungry I think back to how good the hummus was.

If you find yourself in the Pensacola area I definitely whole heartedly recommend this place. We liked it so much Gerred and I made our own "food passport" to keep track of all the restaurants we have visited and liked and this place certainly scored high.
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