Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Making of King Lear

This semester I enrolled in the production class of King Lear. It was a large class divided into mostly actors in the play and then a few English majors taking it for their pre-1800 class. It's funny, when I first took the class I thought I'd be just reading and analyzing the play. You know, typical English class business. But it turned out that I was about to embark on a video interpretation of the play and my group and I chose to do a documentary of "The Making of King Lear."

The moment this task was assigned to my group we got straight to work on coming up with questions and e-mailing them out to those we wanted to interview. Then for the rest of the semester we scheduled one or two interviews a week and figured out what it was like making the play from everyone involved.

In the process I got to interview Barbara Mowat, the editor of Shakespeare's Folger edition of King Lear. That was really something special. My group and I also met and interviewed with all three professors involved in teaching the course: Prof. Moncrief, the Shakespeare professor, Jason Rubin the director, and TM who played King Lear, as well as Maegan the dramaturg, Chris Chronin the fool, and the actresses that played the three sisters Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia.

I am proud of the work I put into this and the way that my group worked effectively on producing the end product. Watch and enjoy.

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