Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Journal of 7-year old Shannon

Have you ever gone back and flipped through the pages of an old journal? Looked at what it is you wrote when you were 16, 12, or younger? I got the idea from Barefoot Blue Jean Princess to search through my old journals. Well I found a gem hidden in one of the compartments of my jank desk-- a journal I kept from when I was 7 years old. I was actually very familiar with the journal. 

My Aunt Betsy (My PopPop's sister) gave me the journal and a set of watercolor pencils as a gift when I came to visit her house in Connecticut. I was so excited I documented the entirety of the trip, a whole 3 pages worth. I was practically writing a novel or a blog!

How beautiful is this journal? I mean looking back at the yellow pages really is nostalgic.

"Today I'm at ant [aunt] Betsy's house. It is raining. They have a pool. They have 2 dogs."

So this looks nothing like Uncle Jim and Aunt Betsy's house. But I do remember being fascinated by her kaleidoscope collection and the spiral staircase inside the home. I'm surprised I did not draw that, but then again I probably wanted to show off my ability to draw a 3D house. Also I have to laugh at the fact that I had not-so-stick figure Jim jump into the pool of rippling water.

"We went to a resrate [restaurant.] I got a srllytpell [shirley temple.] Ther(e) was 2 anmalles [animals] hads [heads.] Bath-Room undsda (?) Grile [girl] but it was Martha and George. The Amacin [American] flage was on the wall. Ther(e) was a tren [train] going over her head. Ther was a sedi game [CD game or record player]"

I'm not sure if you all can even read any of that. I do remember this night and it really helps that I drew pictures of the place because I can put it all together in my head. The restaurant must have been a very American sort of establishment judging by the flag, taxidermy, and bathrooms. When I said "Bath-Room undsda (?) Grile [girl] but it was Martha and George" I meant that I was looking for the girls room, but the bathrooms were labeled Martha and George. Another thing that again I'm surprised 7-year old me did not include was my Uncle Teddy (my Dad's cousin) and I going up on stage and singing "There once was a bird no bigger..." and "A Tooty Ta Ta." My parents actually still talk about that saying how Teddy was such a blast.

"This is wher(e) I sat.  There was 2 hat(s) on the wall. They played the chicken dace [dance] and 1 tamaer ["One Ton Tamaer."] Ther(e) was 2 moons. Ther(e) was a big painting on the wall. 2$. Mom a wade looked [my mom got a margarita.]"

Another night we went out to a mexican restaurant. I remember this so well because I was mortified that night. You can't tell by the poloroid, but I am seriously confused, embarassed, and scared here. Because they had the mariachi band sing me happy birthday, the waitors bring out a cake, and put a sombrero on my head. And it was not my birthday.

One thing is for certain, I'm still the same when it comes to journaling. I like there to be just as much pictures as there are words. So dig up your old journals from when you were young, see anything embarrassing? I know I'll dig up Shannon's 15 year old diaries soon and then shortly die of embarrassment afterwards because that's when I got pretty boy crazy.


  1. I found some of my old journals from when I was a kid... I definitely want to burn them before I have kids!

  2. I wish I knew where my old journals were, I would love to read them.

  3. Hey, Shannon! I'm sending you your Cara box this month. I'll be sending you an email soon, but I wanted to stalk your blog first! =] I love that you still have your journals from when you were little. I was so embarrassed by mine that I threw them away after I graduated from college. Your journal is absolutely beautiful, by the way! I love the way you used your watercolors.

  4. I had a bunch of diaries when I was little. But I always made sure to finish one before I started the next. I reread them several times back in high school, but it's been a while. I kept them all in a box in my bedroom when I was in college, but have no idea where my mom moved them to. Hopefully I'll be able to find them, since I'd love to do a similar post I my blog. Although I never really drew in my diaries, so they won't be nearly as fun as yours.