Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Cara Box

This is my second time participating in Wifessionals's Cara Box exchange and March's theme was "My name is" so the boxes would be filled things that started with the first letter of your name. In my case, "S" for Shannon.

 I'm now considered a Cara Box Veteran after participating last month's club sexy box and I got paired with two other veteran bloggers, Nicole of Adventures of a Semper Fi Family (I sent her a box) and Terra of Sunshine & Stovetops (she sent me a box.) I loved e-mailing these bloggers and getting to know them. Nicole's a marine wife with 3 kids, so she was a great resource for what being a military wife will be like and Terra is a college student with a love for healthy food so go ahead and stop on by and check these ladies out (and their blogs.)

When my box came in the mail, the box was just a bit dented. But, I didn't freak out because I knew that sending packages could always be risky when you have to go across the country and rely on the mailing system to keep things intact. Inside only a few things were cracked, but that actually did not alter the objects in a way that I could not use them so everything was fine and dandy. Terra did a great job with my "S" themed box. She included:

 a scented candle (vanilla)
sweets (jollyranchers and toffee)
sweetheart mugs and tea
and a shamrock

I thought the mugs were super cute. I use the "Mrs" mug (especially when I was in the midst of my thesis proposal) all the time and have tried the teas and really liked them. The Guayak is actually some really good tea. Also, I'm loving how in both boxes I've received a shamrock sort of thing in each. I think I'm building a collection.

So thank you Terra for the fun box it's really keeping me calm as the work piles up with the end of the semester. I'm glad I got to connect with both Nicole and Terra and cannot wait for what April's box has in store.
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  1. I am soo sorry that they broke!! I was worried about that, but the lady at the post office told me they would be fine with the wrapping that I used! What a HUGE bummer!
    They must have really taken a tumble :(
    I hope you can still enjoy the things you salvaged!

    1. I definitely did enjoy the things even if they were broken (which is beyond both our control and so it didn't bother me in the slightest.) I love drinking the tea out of my mug still.