Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Cara Box Reveal

This month I participated in the Cara Box exchange hosted by Wifessionals for the very first time. Cara Box is a way to connect with other bloggers, learn a little about them, and give them a box full of gifts that will fulfill the theme of the month. February's theme was "Club Sexy" for Valentine's Day of course. I was paired with two other bloggers from Maryland, Colleen of Colleen Samantha and Tracy of Living the Dream and really felt I got to know these two pretty well. I got to make Colleen a box and her link to her box will be posted here soon. And I recieved this wonderful box from Tracy filled with wonderful goodies that truly made me smile.

Tracy made sure to include two notes in the box, the first being a list numbered from 1-8 of all the things included in the box and why she included them. The second being a really thoughtful card that really motivated me through this long distance relationship with my fiance and made me feel good. Here's the lowdown of my box:

1. Essie nail polish in Beach Bum Blue: for me to wear on my toes while I'm at my brother's beach wedding.
2. Dangly earrings: to dress up my ears for Skype dates
3. Nail Stickies: to play up my nail polish
4. Cards: to write to Gerred with.
5. 3 Mini Notebooks: for journaling, wedding planning, and I'm using the last one for blog ideas.
6. Hangman sheets: to play with Gerred when we Skype.
7. Shamrock Candle: "Just something cute because I guessed you may be Irish by your blog name." Oh I laughed when I read this. My family is Irish (ancestrally) and I just spent the last few months in Ireland, so yes this was perfect for me.
8. A wonderful encouraging letter!

I really got lucky with my partners and I'm glad I got to share in this experience and cannot wait to continue this new box sharing in March. Thank you to Tracy for the lovely box and to both her and Colleen for being some great new blogger friends.



  1. So very thoughtful! The Skype date accessories and cards, so sweet! :) So very awesome!

  2. I LOVE those notebooks!!!