Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Washington College Spirit

Now that I'm a second semester Junior, I'm sort of in a weird funk with my college. It's been three years and I still feel very disconnected from Washington College. There have been times (cough, every Winter break) where I've wanted to transfer and just sort of leave this campus but I've always convinced myself out of it  There are actual great things about WAC, it's just really hard to see it with the rising cost of tuition and the general isolated landscape of campus. You know, what I think is really getting me is that I've just come back from abroad where I was so in love with campus, the clubs, my friendships, and the all around school spirit, that now being back I just feel blah.

I don't think I should feel that way. I love the professors and the classes I take here. I love that I was able to study abroad through this school. And I do have friends here and I've involved myself with new clubs like Global Mentors and Peer Wellness Educators. I do have school spirit, but it's in a much different way then "Go team go!" I want to feel more connected and take advantage of these last few semesters of college. I need to take a new perspective and say "hey, I'm proud of my college."

And that's where I thought, maybe I should have some sort of "spirit" gear to wear around when I go to the gym or whatever. You know because I do actually like Washington College.


  1. I've had this feeling on more than one occasion. I think it's just hard to connect yourself in a new place when it doesn't feel absolutely right. I came from a super small high school where I was literally bestfriends with my entire senior class, so coming to college was a huge unwelcome change for me.

    You can do it, Shannon!

  2. You can do it! It's hard to get into the spirit of a place you aren't quite comfortable in. :)