Thursday, March 21, 2013

Downtown Disney

When Gerred and I weren't at the parks we were always exploring all the little Disney extras at night. From resorts, trading items, and restaurants in Downtown Disney, we were having a blast.
We got into a habit of exploring different Disney resorts after coming back from the parks by boarding new buses with groups that lived there. We saw Port New Orleans, Key West Resort, All Star Movies, Animal Kingdom Lodge and our favorite Disney's Art of Animation. In the Art of Animation Studio there was concept art on the walls, drawing competitions, and color absolutely everywhere. If we weren't so tired we would have checked the place out a little more.

We kept seeing Vinylmation everywhere. Essentially they are a basic mickey mouse figure painted into so many different designs. You buy one at a time as a mystery and can trade them with others. Gerred and I didn't see the point, but thought they looked nice. We did however get into pin trading. Not too hard core, but we at least had a starter pack and learned how it is done. We just went around swapping pins we liked with park employees and boards until we had a 11 pins that we loved.

One night we decided to eat at the T-Rex Cafe with Gerred's friend Nick and his new fiance (he proposed to her on New Years.) The place is just like the Rainforest Cafe except with Dinosaurs. Each room was themed with either the ice-age, volcanoes, the jungle, or under the sea. And every 20-30 minutes there was a meteor shower which was neat to watch. We had such a great time with them, with all four of us wearing "Just Engaged" pins.

Oh and we split a chocolate extinction. Yeah, that's dry ice around the chocolate icebergs. So delicious. Other than the fun restaurant, we also made it our point to walk into every shop in Downtown Disney and see every street performance. 

We got a kick out of it all and we really did enjoy all the Disney magic.

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  1. I've never heard of the T-Rex cafe before. But I always have fun at Rainforest cafe, and love dinosaurs, so pretty much think it's the prefect place to me. Definitely going to have to add eating there to my to-do list.