Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday's Instagram Linkup {Week 11}

I'm linking up with Sara of Pearls and Curls again to show you all how my week has been after returning from Spring Break.

Mail // I sent out letters to both Gerred and Rebecca from Life With rMe (she's a great blogger pen pal!)   and postcards to postcrossers. I even recieved some great postcrossing cards from Belarus, Portugal, Australia, and Finland. Also if anyone wants to become pen pals with me let me know!

Thesis // I am getting started on my thesis proposal. So far I'm aware it has to do with: Heroes of the Ulster Cycle in Irish Mythology, Yeats, the Irish Literary Revival, and the theme of the past always in the present in Irish culture. So, I have quite a lot of material to research and read. The proposal is due next week so I better hop to it.

Nails // I tried out one of the nail polishes from my Julep box, Julep "Lynn American Beauty" and wasn't too keen on it. It's a little too tame, so I added a pop color of Essie "Cute as a Button." The combination is much much better this way I think. 

Ritas // It was the first day of Spring this week so naturally I hopped over to the Rita's behind my dorm (perfect placement for a Rita's) and picked up my free Rita's Italian Ice. It was my one treat in my dieting/exercising regime and it was perfect. I had pumpkin ice since they were only giving that out for one day only.

Birchbox // I won't share everything about this box just yet, but here's a sneak peak at my March Birchbox.

How was your week? And seriously, if you want to become pen pals with me let me know. Snail mail is so fun and writing with bloggers is even better.
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  1. I want to be your pen pal! I love writing letters! I will send you a Facebook message with my address!

  2. I'm so glad we're pen pals! Hey, I see that Macadamia oil in your birchbox...I'd love to hear what you think of that after you've tried it out! I've seen it in the store, but it's so expensive!