Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blogging Spring Cleaning + More

It's been a busy blogging week so I thought I'd share some of the new changes going on the blog and a few other interesting tidbits like a giveaway from Bayside Bride in light of the first day of Spring.
Blog Design
Not sure if you've noticed the new blog design. I've been crazy about blog design on Pinterest lately and have been researching so many new ways to improve my blog. I was debating whether to hire a designer (well I've been out of a paying job since I left for Ireland) and just decided that I should learn how to do this on my own. So I designed and added in:

new header + statement
anchor image
social media buttons from Her New Leaf
and a signature
button (grab one, let's swap)
instagram slideshow in sidebar

 I'm slowly making progress.

Goodbye Google Reader
Google Reader is apparently dying out. I'm not sure of all the details, but the news is definitely hopping around the blogosphere. So I suggest following me on facebooktwitterinstagram, or bloglovin'. If you're worried about losing all your blogs from GFC in the switch, don't worry. Just go to bloglovin', click on settings, drop down to import blogs and choose GFC. It's as simple as pie and bloglovin is a lot easier to read through than GFC. Learn to love it.

Also, you should really check out the giveaway going on at Bayside Bride. They're giving away some adorable nautical headbands from Gina Made It. If you enter now there's a great chance of taking one of these headbands home.

Gerred will be doing the altitude chamber doing today and experience some of these symptoms probably. I hope he's safe and enjoys himself in there.

Do you like the change?


  1. The new design looks awesome! You've inspired me to work on my blog a bit once I get my laptop back! In the mean time, I'll be scouring pinterest and looking through your boards!

    1. Thanks. I really decided to work on the design when I was writing back to you about blog plans. Then I was like...hmmm better get to it.