Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pensacola Winter Break

Spring Break is here and you know what that means: another trip down to Pensacola, FL! I can't wait to see Gerred, Katie, and Phoenix again. So while I'm down enjoying Spring Break I'll be updating you with all the fun that was had during Winter Break.

I first arrived in Orlando (instead of Pensacola) for a week of Disney magic Gerred planned for the two of us. When I flew in I was happy to see Gerred who I had not seen since he proposed to me in Ireland four months prior. The day got even better when Katie and Phoenix picked up up from the airport and we headed out to dinner at Jiko in the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort.

Dinner was incredibly delicious and the service there was fantastic. They gave us rose scented towels. Anywhere that gives towels has an A+ in my book, better yet the Wild Boar was crazy good.

The next day we explored Universal Studios. Gerred and Phoenix had already visited the park a few days before I came to visit since active military can go for free. We got there super early and made a mad dash for Hogsmeade. Let me just tell you Harry Potter World is incredible. After seeing the actual set in England, I was still surprised to see and walk into all the shops of Hogsmeade. We stocked up on chocolate frogs and fizzing whizbees (think bee chocolate with poprocks) and of course Butter Beer. Both England and Harry Potter World's Butter Beer taste the same. If you do try some, make sure to share it because it really is butterscotch-y.

The best part about our trip to Harry Potter World was that no one was in the lines for the big ride inside Hogwarts. No one. We just walked right up, really we ran, all the way through the castle and right up to the ride. No wait. Gosh, that ride was fun and I felt way way too much Harry Potter nostalgia. So we rode it again...and again. And got to see a little of the castle. And again the Hogwarts castle in Harry Potter World seems like an exact replica of the actual set.

Checking out Harry Potter World was wicked and seeing the rest of Universal Studios was great too. We rode the Incredible Hulk Ride, met some supervillains, and even saw a strange laser-water show from the 80's involving Poseiden.

Stay tuned for the rest of Winter Break!


  1. How awesome! I love all of the pictures. :)

  2. So cool! I went to Universal when they were still building Harry Potter World. They had finished the castle, so my sister stopped to take pictures with it. They also had the roller coaster open (it was called Fire & Ice when it was in the Jurassic Park part.)

    1. Apparently all they did to alter the dueling dragons ride was add a Harry Potter entrance. That is it.

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    1. I'll be sure to do this (and to add my e-mail on here) thank you!