Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hollywood Studios Park

The first park Gerred and I headed to for our week of Disney Magic was Hollywood Studios Park. I had not been to Disney World since I was maybe 11 and I remember it being called MGM. It makes a lot of sense for them to change the name since the whole park is run by Disney. But, the name of the park wasn't the only thing that changed. Gerred and I both noticed that going to the parks when you're older just makes everything different. We were there to ride the rides, take pictures, and we didn't have any kids in tow. The park seemed new to us for that reason so we explored the places we never saw as kids and to places we did and saw them in a whole new way.

The Tower of Terror for instance was way scary when I was a kid. I remember sitting down in the seats and going through the twilight zone and feeling creeped out beyond belief because 1) Rod. Serling. 2) I knew I was about to drop to my deaths. I practically clawed my Dad's arm off dropping. I had that same anticipation of fear when Gerred and I rode except, the drop felt so different. It was scary, just not as long as a drop as I remembered. There was bouncing in between to lessen the blow, but still what a ride.

Then came the Star Wars area. I kid you not Gerred was in heaven the whole trip. Jurassic Park the day before and Star Wars the very next day. He was a happy camper, we even got to see some kids train at the Jedi Training Academy after the ride. We also found $20 on the ground and decided to get a Light Saber.

After Star Wars came our favorite part of the day, the Animation Studios. We got in there and began to draw Stitch. Do you see mine? See I can draw. Anyways, what really surprised me here and what made my day was how much Gerred enjoyed himself. I'd never seen him show interest in anything artsy before so to see him really concentrate on drawing was perfect. I'd say that's the real Disney magic right there, discovering new things.

We loved Hollywood Studios and Gerred insisted we head for another round of the animation class. We drew Woody. Ever since, Gerred got a drawing book and has been sending me the drawings he's been learning from the book.



  1. I love Disney!!! Just looking at all your pictures makes me want to go!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. If I could go back again soon I would. I'll probably just wait 10 years when it's socially appropriate again.

  2. How fun! I love your pictures. :)