Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Postcrossing Cards 16-20

Now that I can send out 7 postcards out at a time with Postcrossing, I am receiving tons of postcards rapidly. My mailbox is full and there's usually a postcard waiting for me when I come home from work with a nice design on the front. This time I was lucky to receive cards from Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Belarus, and Taiwan.

1. Kyoto, Japan // This is an old road in southwest Kyoto that runs through the Bamboo Woods. On the back there were lots of cute glitter stickers and doodles of cats with the message "I live in Kyoto with my cat. I love cats."

2. Netherlands // The sender explained that the card represents "what we postcrossers fear most; an empty mailbox."That's definitely a true one, but I've been fortunate lately to receive postcards almost daily.

3. Belarus // One of the national dishes of Belarus is "draniki" or potato pancakes and is served best with sour cream.

4. Herdecke, Germany // Herdecke is a little town between two lakes in the Northwest of Germany. The sender of the card has a love for photography, hence the stunning photo of the raindrops.

5. Tuku, Taiwan // This postcard was really special since it was the senders first postcrossing card. She explains that in Tuku most of the people are farmers and that her grandparents grow banana and guava fruits. Yum!

Happy postcrossing!


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