Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blogger Blitz

Since I started my blog back in November, I've only met a few bloggers outside the blogosphere. But this weekend I took the metro all the way to I to Marvin a bistro bar off of 14th Street for the long anticipated Blogger Blitz DC hosted by {av} of Long Distance Loving. Now that for me was a feat because I've never traveled into DC alone, and frankly I haven't traveled outside of Annapolis on my own. But as soon as I walked in I realized I was not in any way alone because there were tons of other bloggers there. 

{Pictures borrowed from Case Study and Hello Suburbia}
Lots of the ladies were lifestyle bloggers which made me feel better and the rest were primarily fashion bloggers who were all dressed perfectly from head to toe. I stuck close to Lisa from Hello Suburbia for the majority of the night and we got along really well based on our awkwardness and love for photography. Though I was a bit shy, I was able to meet a bunch of new people who have some blogs that are really top notch and really knew their way around the blogger world. So I picked up on a few things that I need to do:

1. I need to create a better blog design and ask for help doing so.
2. I need to become more graphic with my posts so that they are reader friendly ( you like this new way?)
3. I need business cards. Like I really do.
4. I need to be more confident (and fashionable because that never hurts.)

It really was a great experience meeting other bloggers and learning tips from veterans as well as venturing out into DC with a new found independence.



  1. The blog design is really hard. I just redid mine, and there is a HUGE learning curve. but just play with it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me! I'm not sure I can help, but I am more than happy to try.

    I made buttons for twitter/instagram and that was a huge feat! but I feel so legit now that I have them.

    Confidence is an issue I struggle with too, but don't worry love! We all loved meeting you, so just be your wonderful self and you'll be fine.

    And on the content side, I'd love to see you grow your photography skills here. I checked out your website and you are so talented! I'd love to see more!


    1. Aw thank you for everything it was great meeting you and I really like your new header and design! And I am wondering how you made the buttons. Did you find them somewhere or design each one in illustrator/photogshop? And how did you put them in?

  2. I'm sooo sad I missed out on this!! I'm a DC blogger, too! Maybe next time...

    Vistaprint is a great way to get tons of business cards for cheap!