Friday, June 8, 2012

USA vs. Brazil

I attended my first pro soccer game the other day where USA faced Brazil at FedEx field. Even though, Brazil won 4-1, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time cheering down at the players and loving every minute of it.

We (Gerred, Pip, Gerome, Ross, and I) were up in the nosebleeds in just about the same spot that I was in at the Army Navy game in December. Except, instead of complaining about how cold it was while putting toe warmers in my socks I was fanning myself off from the heat.

Brazil had some fancy footwork that went along with their ideal of playing the "beautiful sport," while America was agressive...and good looking. Also the guy in front of us kept saying "This is a home game, let's act like it!" Then there was mass amounts of "USA! USA! USA!" cheering followed shortly there after with "Ole ole ole ole." Gotta love soccer fans.

Oh and the last picture is of Pip retrieving the backpack he hid in the bushes at the start of the game. We were a little surprised no one stole it.



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