Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekday Update

I'm not much of a twitter person, but I do appreciate instagram. Now I'm not going to jump out and say I'm a fedora wearing instagram photographer, but I do like using it as an effective social media device. It's a good way to capture whatever is going on in a quick artsy way.
Nova // I've found a new favorite sushi place close to me and it's Nova in Edgewater, MD. The mission impossible appetizer roll is fantastic.

Whole Foods // is such a varied organic grocery store. After Katie came back from her honeymoon we had a nice girls day that included Target and Whole Foods Sushi. So much sushi.

iPhone // Broke it and fixed it all in the same day. If you've ever broken your phone then you know what I'm talking about when I say that it dropped in a serious slow motion.

Lunch // I love making "packed lunch" sort of meals that include pb & j as well as apple slices with cinnamon on top. Yum.

Hats in the Belfry // Craziest little hat store in Downtown Annapolis. We found pub hats and top hats and had a great time trying them on.

Goodwill // I donated all the old graphic tees I no longer wear as well as a bunch of young adult fantasy books. Here's to reading books that are good for my brain!

You can follow the rest of all my instagram daily happenings here.



  1. All books are good for your brain!! It's not what you read, but the fact they you are reading that is most important :-)

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