Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miskabelle Vintage

I've been going through all of the new blogs I now follow after attending Blogger Blitz DC and I've just been stunned at how engaging, graphic, and exciting everyones blogs are. I now take a lot longer reading through my blogroll now. 

One of the blogs that I've taken notice of has been Miskabelle.com. Now I never actually quite introduced myself to her at the Blogger Blitz (I was super shy,) but her vintage fashion blog is great. It's the sort of blog that I wish belonged in my closet. Luckily, she even has an Etsy site, Miskabelle Vintage that can make that possible (well, if I weren't saving up all my money for Ireland.) 

Now I would absolutely love to wear any of these items, and would probably even like to pair some of these together if I could. What do you think red cowboy boots and the floral skirt or the polka dot cardigan?



  1. I LOVE that pearl collar! I might have to go get it...

  2. Hi Shannon! I think we met briefly, but thank you for stopping by! That floral skirt is definitely a great find :)