Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pantry Organization

With school I'm somewhat organized with my folders, books, and agenda. At home, I go crazy with the need to organize everything. I always seem to want to make projects around the house of de-cluttering closets and shifting things around even if my parents think it looks fine the way it is. Sunday, I took up the challenge of organizing the pantry.
Now there aren't any before pictures and that's partly because I always forget to take them and partly because the before is something you probably did not want to see due to overdrawn expiration dates. So I devised a new system in Excel, posted on the pantry door, that organizes all the foods by name, type, meal, shelf, and expiration date. For instance, the first shelf is breakfast foods to the left and pasta to the right. We'll see how long everyone keeps up with this new system. If I had the choice I'd even go a little farther in my organizing with some of the pantry organization I found on Pinterest.

When I have my own pantry I'd deck it out like these dream pantries with lots of color, plastic containerslabelslists, and chalkboards.

What would your dream pantry look like and have you felt the need to de-clutter and organize lately?


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