Friday, June 15, 2012

Luray Caverns

One of the first things that Gerred and I did once we both had a day off was to take a trip over to Luray Caverns in his new Kia Soul. We'd been talking about going for so long, that when we finally went we were geekin' out at all the interesting rock formations the caverns inside.

The best part of the caverns was dream lake where there was a reflection of the stalagmites from the ceiling on a pool of water that looked to be about 20-30 feet deep, but in all actuality was only a few inches. We passed by totem poles, a wishing well (that looked like a faerie glenn,) and even a pipe organ that played notes from the stalagmites around the cavern.

I left with a few postcards to send out and a sudden need to become a spelunker or a cave photographer.


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  1. I received your postcard, I will send you one back next week !