Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good Reads

Back in high school I was a voracious reader. I was reading on the bus, in school, after school, and right before bed. I even worked at a library for two years shelving books. I miss filling my head with new words and stories all the time that I'm pledging to get back to my reading status now. Except this time I won't be reading young adult books, but books that are a little more noteworthy.

 So to do this I've compiled all the books I've read and want to read over at There you can find my profile Shenanigansrose, where I've got most of the books I've read (yes, this includes my fantasy young adult phase) along with my ratings on them all. You can even check out what I'm reading now-- The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald. is. perfect.

So join and follow me over there to see what it is I'm reading at the moment and I'll be sure to leave my thoughts on the books I finish over here on my blog. Remember, I'm always open to recommendations so let me know what you think I should read.

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